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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Powershell 3 session from TechEd 2012

Powershell 3 session from TechEd 2012 

Powershell 3 will ship with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 later this year. While the talk starts out like it's for noobs, the pace picks up as they show you some really fantastic things that you can do with version 3 of Powershell. You can find the talk here. There's also an article from Technet which outlines some of my favorite new features here.

Some of the things that I like best:
  • The ISE now offers Intellicode and a native command-list sidebar
  • There's a new GUI to help you write commands (checkboxes and things for setting options and parameters)
  • Help files that you can update
 Admins will be led more and more into installing servers into 'Core' mode with Windows Server 2012, and Powershell will become increasingly important. There are several hundred more commands in Powershell 3 than in version 2, so get started on it!!!

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