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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Neat New Piece of Software: Documentor

I stopped scanning my server subnets with Spiceworks recently and needed something to fill the gap. I've recently used a very nice piece of software called Documentor to accomplish this. It's not the fanciest thing out there, but it does its job! The Developer of this, Ranma, is active on the ArsTechnica forums.

Be sure to read the wiki to get a bit more functionality. It will tell you how to scan a number of objects from a text file, which makes the tool much easier to use....

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A local Linux Users' group? Sign me up.....

Some time ago I found out that there was a Linux users' group in my area. I put off attending a meeting for a long time because I feel like I was too much of a Linux noob to attend something specialized like this. How wrong I was!

There were 6 people at the meeting of the Kalamazoo Linux Users Group (KLUG) of varying degrees of knowledge. I was actually able to help one gentleman get his wireless working on a fresh copy of Mint. I learned a few new tricks and made some new friends. I'm confident that I'll be able to contribute more as my skills develop, but I think it's just great to be at a table messing around with computers with other people who are also interested in them. I really wish there were more user groups that met in meat-space.

Now that I'm married and have kids and am out of school, I find that it's more difficult to meet people with the same interests. Hell, I've even considered taking computer classes just to meet other people who like computers.

My advice: Get out there and physically meet some of the people you consort with online as much as you can!