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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A local Linux Users' group? Sign me up.....

Some time ago I found out that there was a Linux users' group in my area. I put off attending a meeting for a long time because I feel like I was too much of a Linux noob to attend something specialized like this. How wrong I was!

There were 6 people at the meeting of the Kalamazoo Linux Users Group (KLUG) of varying degrees of knowledge. I was actually able to help one gentleman get his wireless working on a fresh copy of Mint. I learned a few new tricks and made some new friends. I'm confident that I'll be able to contribute more as my skills develop, but I think it's just great to be at a table messing around with computers with other people who are also interested in them. I really wish there were more user groups that met in meat-space.

Now that I'm married and have kids and am out of school, I find that it's more difficult to meet people with the same interests. Hell, I've even considered taking computer classes just to meet other people who like computers.

My advice: Get out there and physically meet some of the people you consort with online as much as you can!

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