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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another case study in the benefits of good documentation

Another case study in the benefits of good documentation

So, I put in my two weeks' notice yesterday. I'm moving on to what I'm almost certain are greener pastures, full of opportunity and unicorns. Today when I came in they asked me to write up a list of what I "do". We have two admins here (over everything: network, storage, Windows, etc). Obviously one of us can't know everything; we'd probably go insane trying. Things get compartmentalized and assigned.
It's now noon and my cohort has everything he needs:
  • I went through my Outlook calendar and wrote down recurring events.
  • I exported my bookmarks for him.
  • I changed anything in powershell scripts that used my login or credentials over to his.
  • I ensured that all scheduled tasks were not using my login
  • Then I copied my documentation folder to the IT Network share and pointed him to it.
PROTIP: This Powershell command finds any string in a file within a directory, recursively:
Get-ChildItem -Recurse -Include *.* | Select-String "String to look for"


So now I'm "done" here with two weeks to sit here and stare into space.
But really, this is a good thing, because I can use those two weeks to handle any other questions that comes up while he gets his hands dirty.!!

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