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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What I've been up to for the past couple of months......

So if I have any regular readers, they may have noticed that I went through a two-month spell where I didn't post anything. I've been learning a ton of stuff, mainly revolving around security, and just went all out on that. I could have written lots of "What I learned today" posts, but I just haven't felt like writing, honestly.

It started when I went to GrrCon, a Security Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA) that really got my juices flowing. I came out of it wanting to learn so many things, and KNOWING that I needed to get more used to using Linux.

So, first order of business was to get Kali Linux, which used to be called BackTrack. I got an "old" laptop from work and loaded it up. I also got a promiscuous wifi card for sniffing wireless traffic. I am running a WPA2-PSK network at home, so I went through some tutorials on how to crack the wifi passwords, made a dummy password dictionary that contained my real password, and was able to crack my password.

Password cracking is something I have read a lot about lately, but haven't gotten around to; it's one thing on a very long list. I've read some really intriguing articles recently by Dan Goodwin over at Ars Technica. Here is the latest, but if you're interested in seeing how passwords are becoming more and more useless every day, you should look into older password-related articles on the site. There's some gold there!

The day before GrrCon, I attended a class on using MetaSploit to gain access to a vulnerable system. Basically, they gave us a Kali Linux VM and a Windows 2000 VM, and taught us how to use MetaSploit to root the Windows box. It was STUPID easy, and it gave me a whole new perspective on why those updates need to get out ASAP on Patch Tuesday every month. I was able to use MS08-067 to create a new administrator-level user on the Windows box in about 4 commands. Not exaggerating. That IE 0-day that was making headline over the past week? There was a Metasploit plugin available 7 days before the fix. Metasploit does some really amazing things once you have root access to a machine. In a few keystrokes you can start logging keystrokes. You can dump the SAM hash to a file and use another program to start cracking the hashes to get actual passwords. And more. Here! Offensive Security makes a free VM called MetaSploitable that you can practice on!

There really is a LOT of stuff out there for the aspiring "Hacker": is like YouTube, but focuses on security and has a lot of "How To" videos. is a great security news site that I've been reading daily.
Hack Forums is a really neat forum where you can get help, or just lurk to see what's possible.

I'm really excited about this stuff!

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