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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Checking for Running SureBackup Labs

I created this script to notify me (remind me) that a SureBackup Lab was still running.

On key thing to have in place is a consistent naming convention. My Veeam Surebackup lab jobs all follow this one: "Server_LAB".

This runs at 4pm every weekday:

#Add Veeam Powershell Snap-In
Add-PSSnapin VeeamPSSnapin

#Email Variables
$To = ""
$From = ""
$SMTPServer = ""

#Here I get all of the running lab jobs (using my naming convention)
$SBJobs = (Get-vsbjob | where {$ -like "*LAB*"})

#Foreach one, get the job's state, then email me if that state is "Working"
Foreach ($SBJob in $SBJobs){
$SBJobState = ((Get-VSBJob -name ($
If ($SBJobState -eq "Working"){
$SBJobName = ($SBJob.Name)
$Body = "SureBackup Lab $SBJobName is Running"
$Subject = "SureBackup Lab $SBJobName is Running"
Send-Mailmessage -to $To -Subject $subject -From $From -body $body -smtpserver $SMTPServer
} # End If
} # End Foreach

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