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Friday, May 11, 2012

Tech Sites I Check Every Day

Tech Sites I Check Every Day

So, I wanted to write about the tech-related websites that I look at every day. Why should you be reading tech news on a daily basis? Because you don't want to buy that server based on an Intel chip, when the new version of the chip is just around the corner. Also, it helps me learn about technology that I might not even know exists, teaches me new tricks I might be able to leverage to solve problems, and gives me the opportunity to look at problems/issues in a different light.

I use an app called Doggcatcher on my Android to download several podcasts as soon as they're released, which I listen to on my 30-minute commute every day, and sometimes at lunchtime. It's MUCH more enjoyable than radio!

This Week in Tech (TWiT)
Tech News Today
Reporters' Roundtable
Windows Weekly
The 404

My daily bookmarks include:
Ars Technica (and the forums too!) - Ars Technica is a great tech site. Their editorials are top notch as well. The community is a close-knit group of willingly helpful people, most of them being sysadmins, but many who are just normal geeks too.
4sysops - This is a blog by sysadmins, for sysadmins. Lots of free software, directions, and news.
ComputerWorld - Run of the mill tech news site.
Instant Fundas - This is a blog that posts neat trick daily. I've come across some really cool stuff here.
Krebs on Security - Krebs is a security expert.
Lifehacker - lots of great tips on this site.
Mashable - News on the social networking front - news from the world of Windows.
Slashdot - News for nerds, stuff that matters.
TechRepublic - They have quite a few "How-To" videos, and they talk about non-tech topics that affect people who work in tech, such as how interview tips and whatnot.
TechSpot - A good source for hardware news
TGDaily - More tech news, but a smattering of other topics that interest techies, like movies, games, etc
Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog - This guy's taught me a lot of Powershell over the past few months.

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