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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

I'm using SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox on my home computer and on my Android. I basically use them as backups, but I do remotely access my files from time to time. I ran across this yesterday at It's an app that allows you to transfer files between dropbox accounts, and/or using an FTP. This is really handy for web development people, because a lot of web admins use FTP to access their web sites. But, it got me thinking. I've got a few gigs here and a few gigs there. There are more services that offer cloud storage, but I don't use them because I think 3 is probably sufficient....

What if there was an app that could combine them all? One unified platform where you could browse all your files and didn't need to remember that all of your pictures are on Dropbox, but your resume is on Google Drive? You could search for "resume", it would bring up the appropriate files for you to choose from, and then you open it/edit it/whatever. ONE APP TO RULE THEM ALL. If you had sufficient space, you could even do some kind of Cloud RAID on them. Raid 0 if you just wanted one big filesystem across all of the platforms, Raid 1 if you wanted mirrors, and Raid 5 if you wanted redundancy; you'd use one service for parity data!

Of course, the minute something like this gained any traction, one of the storage vendors would change their code and render it inoperable, but WHAT IF.....

Of course, you could just run your own FTP site from your house, provided that you have a desktop sitting around that you could leave powered on 24/7. I do this as well, using FileZilla Server and Dyndns, so that when my IP address at home changes it will still resolve for me. I also use an obscenely long password, cause hackers love them some FTP sites.

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