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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Windows Allegedly Fixes Slow Windows 7 Updating Issues

In case any of you have seen Windows 7 take literally HOURS to scan for updates when the Check For Updates is initiated manually, try out the newest fix from MS:


  1. So listening to Security Now over the past couple months, I've got this issue pretty much resolved. After installing Win7 SP1, you install these three updates in order...
    1st - KB3102810
    2nd - KB3020369
    3rd - KB3125574
    The first patch fixes the error you sometimes get when trying to get the PC to talk to WSUS immediately after installing Win 7.
    The second patch...I don't quite remember why this one got thrown into the mix, other than maybe it resolved the updates from stalling out again.
    The third patch is basically SP2...all patches rolled up from SP1 until April 2016.
    I've found installing all three of these patches can speed up your build time dramatically.

    1. ...errr....I meant to say in that last line, installing all three of these patches BY HAND speeds up the build time dramatically.