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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy Birthday to me - I got a(nother) SAN, and a Backup Exec 2014 Upgrade

So today is my birthday, and I get to do the remote installation on my new Dell Equallogic 6100XV SAN! This will be my 3rd Dell SAN, with 1 more to go, so I'm old hat. I could almost do the whole thing myself at this point, but configuration of the switch stack and iSCSI VLANs is not my cup of tea. The Dell tech has it pretty easy.....

In other news, yesterday I upgraded (in place) my aging Backup Exec 2010 installation to Backup Exec 2014. I only had one job give me any issues, but it was quickly resolved. I would add that my Backup Exec installation runs on the same server as Veeam Backup and Replication v7, and so far all of my jobs are running successfuly on Veeam and I'm not seeing any coexistence issues.

Why both, you ask? I have (and will for a very long time, maybe forever) both physical servers and virtual servers. Backup Exec can theoretically back up virtual servers, but why use anything other than Veeam - THE BEST THERE IS?????

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