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Friday, March 21, 2014

Use This Powershell Script to List Which VMs are Running on each VMware Host in Your Cluster

I don't use this that often, but sometimes I just want to know which VMs are running on each of my VMware ESXi hosts. I find it easier to fire off the script than to open up vCenter if I want to know which host a VM is running on, and what other VMs are running on that host.

#-------------------------------- BEGIN SCRIPT --------------------------------

#Get Credentials
$credential = get-credential

#Add the VMware Snapin
add-pssnapin Vmware.VimAutomation.Core

#Connect to the vCenter Server
connect-viserver -server -credential $credential

#Get all the hosts
$VMHosts = (Get-VMHost | select Name | sort name)

#Get all the VMs
$VMs = (Get-VM | select name, vmhost)

#Find the number of hosts, which will be our counter maximum later on
$HostQty = (($VMhosts | measure).count)

#Initialize the counter to zero
$i = 0

#While the counter is less than or equal to the host counter
While ($i -le $HostQty){
#List the VMs on the host. I use $i here to reference the exact host in the $VMHosts array.
$Listing = ($VMs | where {$_.vmhost -like ($VMHosts[$i].name)} | sort name)
#Output the list to the screen with Format-Table (ft)
$Listing | ft
#Blank out the list variable so it can be reused
$Listing = $null
#Increment the counter
} #End While

#Create a pause at the end of the script
$Pause = Read-Host "Press Enter to Continue"

#-------------------------------- END SCRIPT --------------------------------

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