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Friday, February 14, 2014

Creating my Swiss-Army USB Thumbdrive

I've been messing around with security stuff lately, and finally got the motivation to create a bootable USB Thumbdrive.

I've wanted one for years, but never really got around to making one that fit all of my needs.

First, I used YUMI to make my drive bootable to Kali Linux, a security distribution of Linux that used to be called BackTrack.

Then, I put a ton of great utility apps onto the thumbdrive, and used this guide to create nice litle shortcuts for everything in the root folder.

The final product is a bootable Linux Distro, which also has all of my normal tools on it that are usable from within Windows.

Here's a screenshot of my root folder:

Maybe next time I'll go for something bigger, like this 1TB flash drive from Kingston!

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