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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gathering my Log Files. Every. Day.

This post relates to item #1 on my "What I'm Monitoring" post.

This script is set to execute as a scheduled task on each one of my Windows servers; I've even made it part of my provisioning checklist.

I'll allow my commenting within the script to do the 'splaining:


#Get yesterday's date
$Date = ((get-date).adddays(-1))

#Create formatting elements for the email
$SystemHeader = "`r`n+++   System Log Errors and Warnings    +++"
$ApplicationHeader = "`r`n+++ Applications Log Errors and Warnings  +++"
$DelimiterLog = "`r`n++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++"
$Newline = "`r`n"

#Get the hostname
$Hostname = ($env:computername)

#Retrieve and filter the system log - Whenever I get an error that's 'ok' and that I don't care to 
#see anymore, I will add it to this section. This procedure also applies to the next section.
$System = (get-eventlog system -after $Date -EntryType Error,Warning | where {$_.eventid -ne 1111 -and $_.eventid -ne 3 -and $_.eventid -ne 4 -and $_.eventid -ne 8 -and $_.eventid -ne 1109} | select Entrytype, Source, EventID, Message, TimeGenerated | format-list)

#Retrieve and filter the application log
$Application = (get-eventlog application -after $Date -EntryType Error,Warning | where {$_.eventid -ne 1530 -and $_.eventid -ne 1524 -and $_.eventid -ne 1517 -and $_.eventid -ne 12321 -and $_.eventid -ne 1008 -and $_.eventid -ne 2003 -and $_.eventid -ne 100 -and $_.eventid -ne 1023} | select Entrytype, Source, EventID, Message, TimeGenerated | format-list)

#Build the email
$Body = $DelimiterLog
$Body += $SystemHeader
$body += $DelimiterLog
$body += ($System | Out-string)
$body += $Newline
$body += $Newline
$body += $DelimiterLog
$body += $ApplicationHeader
$body += $DelimiterLog
$body += ($Application | Out-string)

#Send me an email of any errors, but ONLY send the email IF there are errors!
If ((($system | Measure-Object).count) -gt 0 -or (($application | Measure-Object).count) -gt 0){
Send-Mailmessage -from "" -to "" -subject "Log Errors and Warnings from $Hostname" -smtpserver SMTPServerName -body $body
} #End If


What you see above is the one that script that runs on 90% of my servers. However, some of my servers end up needing their own file due to differences in the filtering section (where I'm excluding certain event IDs from getting through). Examples include my Exchange server and my IIS web servers.

1 comment:

  1. Charles this is great! I'm wondering if it's possible (ok I'm guessing it is) to count the number of instances of each error or warning and display the event 1 time with a count. That'll clean up the email and make it easier to read.