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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Organizing My Projects and Tasks

I've been struggling lately trying to find a good way to keep track of my projects. I want the ability to look back and see what I've accomplished, for resume purposes or just to remind myself of how I went about implementing something, but also as a to-do list to stay on track. Microsoft Project was a much steeper learning curve than I wanted - I am not a project manager. At my last job, the IT department shared a spreadsheet that we would pour over every week in an IT meeting. Every row would have a certain project, who was assigned to it, when it was due, and what had been done thus far towards completion. When the project was completed, there was a field to mark completion, and a macro would move it to the bottom of the list. This worked fine, but it was unwieldy to quickly find out what I needed to be working on. Prioritization. Recently, I went to an online service called This seems to be working ok, but when I complete a project there's no way to save the list for posterity. I've resorted to keeping a separate text file with projects I've completed, but it's not nearly as in-depth as I would like it to be, because I don't take the time to flesh out all of the nitty-gritty details of the sub-tasks, just the overall view. I guess I'm just sticking with until I find something better.

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  1. Instead of keeping separate text files, have you thought of using OneNote?