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Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Rooted my Phone and Found Some Great New Apps

So if you read my post from Saturday, I watched the guy next to me use an app called DroidSheep to hijack someone's Facebook connection. So far, I've avoided rooting my phone because it just works. BUT, this app got me to wondering what other apps were out there that would make things work better if only my phone was rooted. So, I rooted my phone. Besides the aforementioned DroidSheep app, I also downloaded and installed:

  • ShootMe (take screenshots just by shaking your phone)
  • Titanium Backup Root w/ Pro key (it backs up to DropBox, holy crap!). There's a how-to on Lifehacker for setting up Titanium to properly protect your phone here. It's a little dated now, but a little adaptation seems to have done the trick.
  • AdFree (redirects app requests to a curated list of IPs to

I also bought and installed Tasker and Locale, which will make my life MUCH easier by automating things (too bad this thing doesn't run Powershell amiright?). I've missed too many calls because my phone was left on the silent setting, and I can set it to put my phone in airplane mode when I go to the movies. Locale deals with these issues. Tasker looks dead useful, and there's a whole list of things from their wiki that I want to try.

Some more amazing apps I stumbled upon are:
SwipePad (Gesture driven pop-up menus - Just try it, I've been looking for something like this for a looooong time)
Multicon (let's you put four icons in a widget in the space of one icon)

Aaaand I'm also on LauncherPro, having moved from Holo Launcher. To make my home screens less busy, I've removed text labels from all of the icons on my home screen, which is taking some getting used to.

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