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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WSUS Logs and a GREAT Performance Monitor tool I found

Some finger pointing went on at work, so I thought it might be wise to figure out where WSUS kept its logs. Nothing's going to come of it, but it just shed light on something that I didn't know about. Who knows? Someday I might need to know where they are! The complete list is here on technet, but the part that I'm most interested in is, "Who approved which WSUS updates on what date?" For that, you need to look at the file %ProgramFiles%\Update Services\Logfiles\Change.log.

I also was pouring through's master list of "free" sysadmin tools. As a cultural aside, it's unfortunate that we need to put definitive words like 'free' in quotes so that people don't take them literally. If the word you're using isn't accurate, pick a different word; we have plenty to choose from! I digress. There are some real free (literally) gems in there that I use quite often (Spiceworks, Notepad++, EMCO MAC Address Scanner, and WinDirStat to name a few of my favorites). There's also a lot of things that are decidedly NOT free, or there is a free version, but it's crippled enough to make it nigh unusable. Today while going through the list I found an app called ControlUp. This is free up to a point, but I have a relatively small environment, and even fewer servers on which I need to monitor performance. This little app has definitely earned a place on my monitoring screen.

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