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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trouble Syncing Samsung Galaxy S2 with Exchange ActiveSync

Trouble Syncing Samsung Galaxy S2 with Exchange ActiveSync

I had no amount of trouble syncing my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2 from Sprint) with my new employer's Exchange ActiveSync. I would put in all of the info, and it would seem to take it, but my email never showed up in the email client. After much unsuccessful googling, I found out about an online tool that Microsoft offers called Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer. You tell it what you want to test, plug in your credentials, and it tests the path all of the way in to your actual mailbox and tells you where the connection messes up. In my case, it even linked to a handy Technet article that told me step-by-step how to remedy the problem. The problem was one little checkbox in Active Directory on my user account. Apparently, the problem takes root when a user account is a member of a protected group, such as "Domain Admins". This causes some ACLs to be set up differently and makes trouble for ActiveSync. You can find the Technet article here.

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